Music and Entertainment Schedule is Under Development.

Friday, April 4th

 5:30 PM Kennedale High School Jazz Band
 6:00 PM Opening  Ceremony
 6:30 PM Fellowship Academy
 7:30 PM Lannie Flowers

Saturday, April 5th

 10:00 AM KJHS & KHS Choir
 11:00 AM Blind Lemon
 12:00 PM Delaney & Patterson Choir
 1:00 PM Fellowship Academy
 2:00 PM The Creature Teacher
 3:00 PM JA Arthur
 4:00 PM The Guitar Studio
 5:00 PM Mike Doolin
 6:00 PM FBC Praise Team
 7:00 PM The Silvertones
 8:00 PM Jason Nix

Sunday, April 6th

 12:00 PM Dance Workshop
 1:15 PM CATS
 2:00 PM Junior High/High School
 3:00 PM Closing Ceremony/Awards
 3:30 PM Encore

For More information or to offer suggestions please contact

Jeremiah Wunneburger 817-729-0410 info@Kennedalechamber.com
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